Organizer: Marsha Fehr (Event Director)

Map: University of Calgary

Thank you to the Event Organizer, Marsha, and all the terrific volunteers who helped with this event: Jim, Kitty, Robin M, Marion, Vital, Clarence, Teresa, Gabrielle, Christin, Jane, Tim and Adam. Congratulations to the winners: Grace and Brendan were first in F11-14 and M11-14 respectively. Alda won Gold in Veterans, and Kylie and Gavan were first in F15-16 and M15-16 respectively and Justin took the Silver. Ewan won Gold in M17-20. Damian and Robyn took the Gold in Elite M and F respectively with Michael K getting Silver. In Expert, Sport, Tim won Gold, Clarence took Silver and Vital came in for Bronze. These top finishers get medals! If you would like your medal and weren't there when they awarded, please contact Marsha.

The last three events of the season will be the FWOC Club Championships! Each event will challenge a slightly different skill:

  1. October 2 - Long Event @ Fish Creek Park - Shannon Terrace will require some good route choice decisions.
  2. October 6 - Sprint Event @ the University of Calgary will require quick decisions and speed (although, of course, you can always walk!).
  3. October 9 - Middle Event @ Fish Creek Park - Votier's Flats will require some detailed navigation.

All club members are welcome no matter your skill level; there will be open categories for those who prefer a more recreational event. There will be age-based race (competitive) categories, too. Note the Sprint event on October 6 is included in the Wednesday Season pass and Second Half Pass. All courses for this event (Oct 6) will use SI timing and only be available from 5:30 to 7:30pm. There will be no pin flags and the maprun6 courses will only be available from Oct 7th. The other events will have a separate fee. Details TBA.

NOTE: The Wednesday event will run an an earlier time as it will get dark starting around 7pm. If you plan to run at the end of the start window (closer to 6:30), please bring a headlamp. This is the last event in the Wednesday Event Series!

A Sprint Orienteering Event is a very fast-paced orienteering event usually organized in an urban area or non-technical terrain such as a park or university campus. Controls are relatively easy to locate, with good route choice and running speed being the deciding factors in achieving the fastest time. Expected winning time is 12-15 minutes for most courses.

Course Planner's Notes:

Beginner: ~1 km, 17 controls, Super Jr (U11) & Open 1

Novice: 1.4 km, 16 controls, Jr (11-14), Recreational 1 (15-16S), Open 2, Family

Intermediate: 2.1 km, 14 controls Veterans (75+), Open 3

Advanced: 3.4 km, 20 controls Youth 1 (15-16), Open 4

Expert: 3.4 km, 21 controls Sport, Recreational 2 (17-20S)

Expert Long: 4.2 km, 25 controls Youth 2 (17-20), Elite

Map details

The map has been updated where relevant. There is a LOT of construction on the university campus. Some areas change on a daily basis so not all changes have been mapped. Please pay attention around construction and other high-traffic areas.

The University is mapped at a Sprint standard. This means buildings are dark gray, canopies are light gray. You MUST go around buildings; you may NOT go through a building. You may go under / through canopies. Olive green is off-limits too; you may NOT go through olive green.

Here is what you need to do as early as possible on the day of the event (but continue to monitor your health throughout the day and do not attend if you are feeling unwell):

  1. Submit a completed Individual Declaration of Health for each attendee (only valid for the day the form is submitted). You can also find this form on
  2. Read the guidelines for participation in Foothills Orienteering Club Events during pandemic. Important points in these guidelines include:
    • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms or have had close contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, stay home.
    • Bring your own supplies including water as none will be provided.
    • Follow the event organizer’s event specific rules and measures to reduce the risk of contacting or spreading Covid19.
  3. Remember that everyone sees the risks and rewards of outdoor sport during a pandemic differently, so please err on the side of caution and help ensure that everyone at the event (especially the general public) is comfortable with the measures you are taking to ensure physical distancing and personal hygiene.


In the late fall and winter, we hope to offer the more casual (only one course with an option to make it shorter) TNTs again. Details will be announced once we have organizers for the first few events. If you would like to organize an event, please contact Marsha at [email protected]. While typically we offer these on Wednesday, you can choose another day that suits your schedule as the organizer:) We hope to start TNTs at the beginning of December.

  • You can run anytime using the MapRun6 app and course.
  • There will be pin flags in the terrain on the day of the event from 2 - 8 pm. Do NOT touch the pin flags (as a COVID precaution).



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