Organizers: Marsha Fehr (Coach), Mark Astridge (Event Director)

Map: Nose Hill South - Brisebois

Thank you to course planner Robyn A for some great courses! And thanks to the volunteers who helped set out and pick up controls: Kitty, Marsha, Adam, Nicki, and Bogi.

Course Notes

  • As usual with Nose Hill, contours and main trail networks are reliable. Vegetation is also reliable, but watch out in the detailed spots. Smaller trails are generally reliable, but I would advise against navigating only by them as sometimes there can be extra animal tracks, etc. out in the terrain.


  • Novice: 9 controls. 2.4km.
  • Intermediate: 10 controls. 3.5km.
  • Advanced. 15 controls. 5.5km.



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