Organizer: Marsha Fehr (Course Planner)

Map: Confederation Park

The memory O was a big hit:) Thank you to the awesome volunteers: Janet, Jim, Robin, Marion, Ewan, Geoff, Finley, Clarence and JP!

Wednesday events restart tonight! This week we will be at Confederation Park from the 30th Ave / 7th St parking lot. There will be a beginner course (2.3km), an intermediate course (3.3km) and a Memory O for orienteers interested in a bigger challenge! In a Memory O, you do not get a map! You can look at the map at the start and do the whole course from memory OR you can look at each leg at the control. There will be a small bag with the map portion for that leg in it. You look at the map portion, remember where the control is and how to get there and then go. Leave the map portion in the bag for the next orienteer!



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