This week’s event is a cycle-O across several parks in NW Calgary! Yes, orienteering by bicycle! This event was created using maprun6 (for timing and scoring), and there will be no orange orienteering flags in the terrain. You do not have to use maprun6 but you do have to follow the same rules if you don’t. You can walk the event as well but would not be able to cover the whole course. Because of the way it is set up, you can start anywhere and go multiple times starting a different places:)


Start / Finish

You can start anywhere (but must finish in the same place).There is a start and finish identified on the map as that is a requirement of maprun6.You can start and finish there or choose another place to start and finish. As soon as you go past the first control on your planned route that becomes your start (and finish). Do NOT go past your first control a second time unless you are ready to finish! If you are self-timing, please record your time precisely, indicate which controls you went to truthfully, and let me know your results


There are different course “lengths” in terms of time: 60 (short), 90 (medium) or 120 minutes (long).Choose the course (time) you would like to cycle for. The person with the most control points in the allotted time wins. You can, of course, also walk / run and get controls but I expect a cyclist will be the winner! I think a fast cyclist could get to most of the controls on the Long “Course” in the allotted time.


Points are determined by the control number and described on the Control Description. A control number of 10-19 will get you 10 points, #s 20-29 = 20 points, #s 30-39 will net you 30 points, etc. There are 35 controls (on all courses) and 960 points. Remember points will be deducted if you are over time (30 points per minute or portion thereof).

You can also gain points to add to your total by correctly answering trivia questions.

As this event has no flags in the terrain, you can register until Sept 30th and go when it is convenient to you! Results will only be updated until August 8th, 2022.



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