Organizer: Marion O (Event Director)

Here is the link to the Winsplits results.

I am afraid that it is not showing how many controls people went to in the score or DogBones... I will see if a more knowledgeable brain than mine can sort this out! As far as I can see, I have to do it manually - stay tuned! Please let me know any corrections!

points time course
Mauricio E 180 33:11:00 DB
Ewan W 180 34:10:00 DB
Jiri H 180 34:53:00 DB
Mike N 180 38:50:00 DB
Tory M 180 41:29:00 DB
Silken K 180 50:55:00 DB
Christin L 170 40:10:00 DB
Suzanne B/Rob B 160 39:23:00 DB
Don B 150 40:24:00 DB
Jacob J 130 19:50 DB
name points time course
Maria I 250 25:31:00 score
Nataliia I 250 30:33:00 score
Elli D 250 32:21:00 score
Frank D 250 32:22:00 score
Anne C 250 32:26:00 score
Shannon K 250 40:29:00 score
Doreen K 240 48:50:00 score
Scarlet J 240 56:12:00 score
Jeanette S 200 39:53:00 score
Milton L 160 1:04:41 score
Maya J 130 24:58:00 score
Kim J 130 25:05:00 score
Jacob J 100 13:29 score

A big thanks to the many who helped this evening: Adam and Mike helped with set-up and downloads, Controls picker-uppers were Adam, Ewan and Scarlett, and Teresa and Jeanette helped as well! Many hands make light work :)

This will be a 'Dog Bones' event! It's kind of like a score 0 in that you choose which controls you go to. But the controls are in pairs - when you go to one you have to go to the other one before you go on to the next 'dogbone'. You can go in either direction even though they are called 1A, 1B etc. Controls will be picked up at 8 pm. Remember to check in at the finish and download before you leave.

On the Control Description, the actual code of the control will show in the first column. The controls are listed in the 1a, 1b, 2A etc order - but that is not necessarily the order in which you'll want to run them!

Look out for the Orienteering flag as I haven't booked a picnic area, but it will be east from the parking somewhere.

Here's a sample of DogBones from GVOC.

There will also be a regular course. And a Score O for those not wanting to do the Dog Bones.


You may think of Pearce Estates as a manicured park - but, be warned, you will be out of the manicured areas, and by this time of year, there are thistles, rose bushes and tall grasses! So dress appropriately! There are a couple of canals that pass through the map. One is shown as crossable (lighter blue with a blue outline) but the beavers have been busy and the water level is higher than usual - and somewhat slimy! So plan accordingly and use your judgment! The other is shown as marsh and linear marsh. Slightly muddy, and wet in places but mostly crossable.

Teresa has mapped the new edge to Harvey Passage and it is really interesting. Watch out for kayakers rushing to get to the water! And keep out of the main river! It is shown as uncrossable (darker blue with a black outline).

Also, watch out for cyclists on the main path - they can come around corners very quickly!!

You may find unmapped paths and the vegetation changes yearly, so be aware. Some of the manmade features are former signs - now just 1m high stumps. A fence bend is being used as a control - it is very subtle... There is a fenced area that has 2 gates. There will be a control inside, but do secure the gate shut after passing through.

Hope to see lots of orienteers on the 14th! It is a fun area!

Wednesday Evening Orienteering (WEO) event. Things to know:

  • In-person orienteering with control flags and SI units in the terrain from 6:30-8pm on the day of the event.
  • Start location identified in map below.
  • We will be using SI sticks; you can borrow one on the night of the event if you do not own one.
  • You will have to pre-register for the events.
  • You will need to be a 2022 member of Foothills Orienteering (FWOC) or another Canadian orienteering club.
  • We will be using Maprun6 so you can run anytime if you do not want to run on the evening of the event.



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