Organizer: Bogi Gyorfi (Event Director)

Map: Bowness Park + Baker Park

Join us and celebrate the season with the FWOC season-ending BBQ!

The start time is earlier because of the shorter daylight !

  • Courses are open 6-7 pm
  • BBQ starts 7 pm

The last event will be a Butterfly Loops-type event followed by a free BBQ.

  • There will be 4 courses to complete them all or as many as you want within a max of 1h.
  • After the courses, we would like you to stay for a smokie BBQ and get a chance to talk to some of the club members you only run/walk by each Wednesday during the courses.

Wednesday Evening Orienteering (WEO) event. Things to know:

  • In-person orienteering with control flags and SI units in the terrain
  • Start location identified in map below.
  • We will be using SI sticks; you can borrow one on the night of the event if you do not own one.
  • You will have to pre-register for the events.
  • You will need to be a 2022 member of Foothills Orienteering (FWOC) or another Canadian orienteering club.



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