Organizer: Teresa (Event Director)

Map: Paskapoo Slopes


to all the volunteers that helped make this event happen:

Marsha (registration, promotion, communication), Jane (controller, printing), Jonathan (timing), and Geoff, Rebecca, David, Jane, Marsha, Alda and Christin for picking up controls.

Event Format - Team Score-O

A fun team event to celebrate the onset of winter!

Teams will be made up of 2, 3 or 4 people. Either make your own team with friends or family, or we will make teams with people registered and looking for a team. There will be a mixture of beginner and intermediate/advanced controls, so teams can be mixed-ability. In fact, to get value for money and maximize time on-course fast experienced orienteers would ideally team up with slower participants. In that case a faster orienteer might visit three-quarters of the controls and their slower team member might visit one-quarter. Beginner controls would be very close to and visible from trails. Note: If there has been very recent snowfall some smaller trails may not be visible.

Each team will endeavour to collect as many points as possible within the time limit. There will be many controls (somewhere between 30 and 40) marked on the map, each worth between 10 and 50 points (detailed in the control description). All team members will have an SI stick and only one member has to visit each control for the points to count. Points will only count once for each control (e.g. you won't get double the points if two team members visit the same control). 10 Penalty points will be given for each minute a team is over the time limit (all members of the team must report to the finish to stop incurring penalty points).

It will be up to each team to decide whether to stay together or split up to maximize their points, or a combination of both. Team members are allowed to communicate by whatever means they choose during the race (phones, radios, hollering etc.)

  • Start and finish: near "Olympic park parking"
  • Arrival: Arrive by 1pm to check in and receive instructions
  • Start Time: There will be a mass start once everyone has checked-in. If you arrive later than 1:15, you may miss the mass start. You will be able to look at the maps and start planning at the mass start time
  • Duration: The time limit will be 1hr 30minutes from the mass start time. Course closing will be 1 hr 45 minutes after the mass start time (around 3pm)


$5 per person

Note, each participant must be a current member of FWOC or another Canadian orienteering club. If you are not, the registration form will redirect you to purchase an FWOC membership prior to registering.

Registration closes: Saturday, November 12 at Noon

What to bring:

  • Pen/marker for plotting route.
  • Compass (each) and your own SI if you have one. Each team member will need an SI stick. (You can borrow one from the club, if you don't have your own)
  • Clothing and footwear that is appropriate for the weather in mid-November. There are many steep areas on the map which could be slippery depending on snow/ice/mud conditions.
  • Time-keeping device (watch, phone)


In an emergency call 911. There will be a first aid kit at the start/finish/parking area. There are some steep slopes. Be courteous to other trail users including mountain bikers, dogs, coyotes, moose, runners and walkers.


There is no toilet or outhouse at the event site. Please plan ahead!



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