Organizer: Tim McLaren (Event Director)

Map: North Glenmore Park and Lakeview

Thank you to Tim for setting a challenging puzzle!

The Course: This is a street-o style orienteering event using fire hydrants for all control locations including the start and finish. Although the course is only 2.8km "as the crow flies", expect it to take 4-5km+ on sidewalks, quiet residential streets and alleys, and a few snow-covered playing fields.

To make this a more interesting navigational challenge we have added a special rule to this event which will also be described on the map:

  • When you approach a road or alleyway intersection you are not allowed to go straight (even if on the sidewalk); you must take one of the roads or alleys that branch off (or a field shown in yellow, not olive green).
  • Rember that olive green parts on orienteering maps are "out of bounds", as are buildings (dark grey) or areas with purple hatch lines (or purple shading on this map). Also, thick black lines with double tag-lines are fences that are not allowed to be crossed, while thin black lines with a single tag are lower fences/wires/goal-posts that are crossable (see the examples in the field in the picture below).
  • For example, the two green routes below are allowed since they don't go straight through any intersections. The red route would not be allowed because of the violations marked with an X. Note: the map you get will have a reminder of this rule, but won't show which routes are legal or not because it depends on the direction you approach an intersection. The challenge is for you to pick an efficient route that doesn't go straight through any intersections.

Safety: While the streets are fairly quiet, there are many street crossings and back alleys with lots of slippery packed snow and ice so please use caution around vehicles and slippery sections. Spikes are recommended as well as a headlamp and reflective clothing if after dusk.

Start Location: The start is at the fire hydrant next to the bus stop on 66 Ave SW just west of Laurel Crescent. On Google Maps, search for "WB 66 AV SW @ Laurel CR" or see the locator map below. The finish is a few blocks west. Parking is free on the north side of 66 Ave SW.

Socialize / Compare Route Choices: On Tuesday, drop-in anytime between 7-8:30pm for a warm-up drink, pizza, or snack (you pay) in the "Bella Roma Restaurant and Pub" at the North end of Lakeview Plaza around the corner on Crowchild Trail just north of 66 Avenue SW (near Sierra Cafe).

How to Get a Map:

  • Since this TNT does not start near the organizer's house or at a specific time, please arrange to print your own map (free at Calgary libraries) or email the organizer (Tim at [email protected] well before the event and I will try to figure out a way to get you a printed map).
  • You MUST be a member of an orienteering club in Canada (including current year SOGO participants) and must have pre-registered for the TNT event series on our registration system in order to receive the email with the map. If you haven't registered for the TNT event series, the registration system will be available soon.



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