Organizer: Finley B (Event Director)

Map: Fish Creek - Bebo Grove

Middle Distance - 2023 FWOC Club Championships


Parking: Turn South on 24 St SW from Anderson Rd SW. At the end of the road take the South exit on the roundabout and follow the road into Fish Creek park. The parking lot is small and gets very busy on weekends, please carpool where possible.

Event Schedule:

  • 10:30 am: Sign-in opens. Warm-up.
  • 11 am – 12 pm: Start Window - you MUST start during this time. Plan to start at the beginning of the window if you know you will be going slowly. You will get your map at the start.
  • Maximum time: 2 hours. You MUST return to the finish area within 2 hours of your start, whether or not you have completed your course. Organizers will institute a "lost person" search if you are not back at the end of your 2 hours.
  • Close closure: 2 pm. All competitors must be back. Control flags will be picked up starting at 2 pm. Awards will follow.

Courses: All courses have a 200 m walk to the START






Number of controls

1 - Beginner


1.7 km

15 m



2 - Novice


2.0 km

15 m



3 - Intermediate


2.4 km

35 m



4 - Advanced


3.4 km

40 m



5 - Expert Masters


3.4 km

45 m



6 - Expert Elite


4.0 km

75 m



Course Setter's notes:

  • There will be no water on course, please carry your own if you think you'll need it
  • For the longer courses, shoes with good traction will be helpful
  • The water level fluctuated immensely over the last week; you may get your feet wet on course 2 and above
  • I have made many map updates but they are mainly limited to trails, lakes, and swamps.
    • The vegetation is iffy in places. It really needs a complete redo.
    • The river banks and gravel bars move slightly every spring and I was not able to update the map to reflect every change. Do not rely on these for precise navigation.
    • The river is shown as uncrossable but is really low in some places. These places are not reflected on the map so for fairness please only use the bridges. Courses are set so that the optimal route choices use these bridges.
  • There are a lot of controls (50!) in a fairly small area, with routes crisscrossing, so pay attention, check your control descriptions!
  • You may carry your phone for emergency use only. GPS use as a navigation aid is forbidden.

FWOC is hosting its biennial club champs this year in October; it will be a two-event Championships with the Middle Distance Event at Fish Creek Park (Saturday, October 7) and the Long Distance Event at Paskapoo Slopes (Sunday, October 8). Details about the courses, including distances, will be on their respective webpages. Registration closes Oct 5 at midnight.

You can choose to participate in both events or just one. Each event will cost $10 / adult or you can get the package for $15. Children / youth will only cost $5 / event but get no package discount.

In championship events, the courses are configured slightly differently than a regular WEO to enable all ages to have a chance to win.

First, there will be six courses for each event: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert Masters and Expert Elite. They increase in difficulty with both distance and complexity of control locations (technicality).

  • Beginner is intended for young children (10 year olds) who want to run on their own or younger children shadowed by their parent(s).
  • Novice is similar to the easy course on a Wednesday night. It is suitable for experienced 11-12 years old orienteers to run on their own, families or new adult orienteers.
  • Intermediate is similar to Intermediate at the Wednesday night events, suitable for experienced 13-14 year old orienteers or adults with only 1 or 2 years experience in orienteering.
  • Advanced is similar to advanced at the Wednesday night events; it will be physically challenging and technical (but not as technical as Expert). It is suitable for experienced 15-16 year old orienteers and adults with a couple of years of experience under their belt.
  • Expert Masters is aimed at older experienced orienteers who would normally run their age class in the COCs (e.g. M/F35+ and older). It will be technically challenging.
  • Expert Elite is intended for experienced orienteers (17+) who would run their age-class at the Canadians. It will be technically challenging and long, aimed at M/F 17-20, M/F 21-34, and anyone who wants to take on this course. Note: 17-20 year-olds will run the same course as 21+ but they will be competing against orienteers of the same age range to win.

Secondly, there are options for new orienteers and those who consider themselves medium-core! You can enjoy the opportunities to orienteer in October without the stress of competing seriously. There are open and short categories for some of these courses:) Participants should select their course based on their age, comfort and level of experience. The Club Championships are open to anyone, but only current members of FWOC will be eligible for awards. Everyone will be elgible for the draw prizes!



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