Organizer: Tim McLaren (Event Director)

Map: MRU Currie

Thank you to Tim for a lovely course and terrific venue for socializing:)

SOCIAL EVENT: Tuesday evening drop in anytime between 6:30pm and 9ish in the basement of the Officers Pub in the Inn (where the course finishes). All ages and non-members welcome. Come drop in even if you didn't orienteer. The Inn was once the historic Currie Barracks Officers' Mess and hosted Queen Elizabeth in 1951.

The start will be across the street from the Inn near the Airport Park / Alexandria Park (see maps below or Google Maps "Officer's Pub"). Some maps will be placed at the Start, but could go missing overnight.

The Course: This will be a regular point-to-point orienteering course using pin flags at the control locations. Expect the course to be 3-4km with a mix of small urban parks with colourful lights in the trees, residential streets and laneways, and the crazy maze of backyards in the Rutland Park housing co-op.

  • There is only one course but there are many opportunities to short-cut by skipping controls if you find it is taking too long to complete.
  • Note that olive green parts on orienteering maps are "out of bounds", as are buildings (dark grey) or areas with purple hatch lines.
  • A compass may be handy as it is easy to get turned around in the co-op. It is surrounded by bigger roads where you might relocate yourself.

Safety: While the streets are fairly quiet, there are many street crossings and possibly slippery packed snow and ice so please use caution around vehicles and slippery sections. The pavement will likely be mostly bare/dry but may have some areas of frost. A headlamp and reflective clothing are also recommended unless you are running Wednesday before 5pm.

Location: The start and finish are near the south end of "Airport Playground" (on Google maps or the map below) and there are portable toilets and street parking available (except in front of some of the houses where it says that a permit is required).

Socialize / Orienteering Tips: On Tuesday drop-in anytime between 6:30-9ish pm for a warm-up drink or snack (you pay) in the "Inn on Officer's Garden" across from the start and finish. We will likely be in the basement pub or possibly the main floor "Officer's Club" restaurant, so just wander on in and take a look around this friendly and beautiful historic property. Or call Tim on the phone number on the map if you can't find us.

How to Get a Map:

  • Since this TNT does not start near the organizer's house, please arrange to print your own map (free at Calgary libraries) or email the organizer (Tim at [email protected] well before the event and I will arrange a way to get you a printed map).
  • Some printed maps will be placed in a bag at the start at 6pm Tuesday although they could go missing. Tim may have some in the Officer's Pub.
  • Map bags will not be available.
  • You MUST be member of an orienteering club in Canada (including current year SOGO participants) and must have pre-registered for the TNT event series on our registration system in order to receive the email with the map. If you haven't registered for the TNT event series, the link is: TNT Registration

Start Location (the Start Triangle and Finish shown are correct, the other controls will be different - likely 15-20 controls over 3-4km):

FWOC is offering TNTs (Toques and Training Series) again this year. You must be a current member of FWOC (or another Canadian orienteering club - OC Member) to participate. You only have to pay once through Interpodia / 2M, and you will be sent participant information including exact location each week.

Registration Details:

  1. Days of the week. 2023-2024 TNTs will usually run on both Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 6 pm to 8 pm. Pin flags will be set out for the duration of the event (from Tuesday at 6pm to Wednesday at 8pm). Thus, participants who would prefer to run during the day can run Wednesday morning or afternoon. NOTE: The organizer has the option of making their event a weekend event.
  2. Social Option. The organizer may host a social gathering during the event, usually either Tuesday evening or Wednesday evening. Details for this will be on the webpage and in the email to participants. The Social could be at the organizer's house or at a nearby cafe or pub.
  3. Family Pricing Option: To encourage families to participate, FWOC is planning to provide a family pricing option (save 40% for two or more members of a family who live in the same household) for the series of TNTs.
  4. Cost: $20 / person for the series (or family pricing option for family members in the same household).
  5. You need to register (and pay) in advance online. Registration link will be available soon.
  6. The minimum number of events is 10, and we hope to offer up to 15. You can participate in as many as you like. Even if you only get to 5 events, it's a pretty good deal!
  7. All events will be put on Maprun6 so you can go any day after the start of the event (up to a year).
  8. The location, PDF of the map, and maprun6 details will be sent via email to all registered participants.
  9. If you need a map printed for you, please let us know.
  10. In the new year, you will need to purchase your club membership for 2024 to continue to participate.



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