Organizer: Marsha Fehr (Event Director)

Map: University of Calgary

Thanks to everyone who came in to enjoy the social after their run and stayed for the events meeting. It was so nice to see so many orienteering friends:)

Join us for a fast run around the U of C! and a social at the organizer's home afterwards:)

Course Notes:

  • Remember that entering buildings (going through them) is forbidden. You must go around and this may add up to 1km of distance to your track.
  • Please be mindful of the students / other users of the U of C.
  • Some of the vegetation (which is based on summer foliage) will appear different. The university may have trimmed back some of the bushes / hedges and/or trees.
  • Some of the stairs have been blocked off for safety reasons (snowfall or slipperiness). You may have to adjust your route choice as you go.

FWOC is offering TNTs (Toques and Training Series) again this year. You must be a current member of FWOC (or another Canadian orienteering club - OC Member) to participate. You only have to pay once through Interpodia / 2M, and you will be sent participant information including exact location each week.


  1. Days of the week. 2023-2024 TNTs will usually run on both Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 6 pm to 8 pm. Pin flags will be set out for the duration of the event (from Tuesday at 6pm to Wednesday at 8pm). Thus, participants who would prefer to run during the day can run Wednesday morning or afternoon. NOTE: The organizer has the option of making their event a weekend event.
  2. Social Option. The organizer may host a social gathering during the event, usually either Tuesday evening or Wednesday evening. Details for this will be on the webpage and in the email to participants. The Social could be at the organizer's house or at a nearby cafe or pub.
  3. Family Pricing Option: To encourage families to participate, FWOC is planning to provide a family pricing option (save 40% for two or more members of a family who live in the same household) for the series of TNTs.
  4. Cost: $20 / person for the series (or family pricing option for family members in the same household).
  5. You need to register (and pay) in advance online. Registration link will be available soon.
  6. The minimum number of events is 10, and we hope to offer up to 15. You can participate in as many as you like. Even if you only get to 5 events, it's a pretty good deal!
  7. All events will be put on Maprun6 so you can go any day after the start of the event (up to a year).
  8. The location, PDF of the map, and maprun6 details will be sent via email to all registered participants.
  9. If you need a map printed for you, please let us know.
  10. In the new year, you will need to purchase your club membership for 2024 to continue to participate.



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