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The Shannon Terrace and Bebo Grove excerpt is Calgary Fish Creek West Shannon Terrace Bebo Grove 15000 300dpi 17Aug2017 TW.jpg

The whole 1:15000 map from Shannon Terrace to Glennfield Day Use is Calgary Fish Creek 15000 17Aug2017 TW.ocd

Some 2020 updates to Fish Creek 1:15000 map and also 2021 updates to Alberta Parks' Shannon Terrace permanent orienteering course area may also available in the Maps folder. Contact Don B and Teresa W for status and more information.

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Events on this map

Series Date
Fish Creek - Shannon Terrace (WED) Sep 14, 2016
Shannon Terrace - RESULTS (WED) Aug 23, 2017
Results Club Championships - Long Event Oct 2, 2021