Orienteeering Safety Rules and Recommendations for Supervised Events [1-page summary image from Alberta Orienteering; PDF version here]

Expanded Safety Rules and Recommendations for Supervised Events [2-page PDF from Alberta Orienteering including Lightning and Wildfire safety]

Tips for Managing and Avoiding Encounters with Alberta Wildlife [Wildsmart.ca website]

Additional Safety Precautions for Unsupervised Orienteering Activities including GPS Orienteering and Permanent Courses: Follow the above recommendations except note that no one from the Club will be present to come to your aid or look for you if you do not return on time. You are responsible for assessing risks and managing your safety. Ensure that you are properly trained and aware of the risks before embarking on any unsupervised orienteering activity. Always carry a whistle, a communication device, go with another person, and obey all government and local regulations. Note that maps may be out-of-date and may not have been recently field-checked. New hazards may exist that are not shown on the map. If you have any concerns about the safety of an area, please let us know and do not go out on the course or map.

Copies of the adult and under 18 Waivers and Acknowledgement of Risks documents are here for your reference. Please submit the online version if you have not already.

Members' Code of Conduct of Ethics