Foothills Orienteering (FWOC) has Si-Air (SIAC) finger sticks available for members to borrow for out-of-town competitive events that use the SI-Air contactless punching system. See this document for more details on the borrowing procedures.

Members can borrow a SIAC under the following conditions:

  1. The Borrower agrees to reimburse the club $100 if the SIAC is damaged or not returned within one month of the end of the last event they are borrowing it for.
  2. The Borrower informs the “FWOC SIAC Librarian” which upcoming events the SIAC is needed for and promptly returns the SIAC within one month of the end of the last event.
  3. The Borrower does not use a FWOC SIAC in more than 20 orienteering courses per year.

The FWOC SIAC Librarian maintains a spreadsheet of SIAC numbers on the club website along with who the SIAC is assigned to and for which events/dates. A SIAC number will be reserved once one is requested and where possible will be the same number as previously borrowed.

If you are a current FWOC member and are interested in borrowing a SIAC and agree to the above conditions, you can request to borrow a SIAC by emailing [email protected] with the name and dates of the event(s) and optionally: the preferred SI number from the spreadsheet of SIAC numbers.

Arranging a time to pickup the SIAC (usually at a Wed night event or at the FWOC Librarian's house) can take a few weeks depending on schedules, so don't expect to get a SIAC at the last minute. However, a SIAC number can be reserved for you as soon you email the confirmed dates for your competition.