How to organize a Wednesday Night event

Instructions for Setting up Meos to Print Splits and Results Automatically at an Event

Wednesday Volunteer Job Descriptions - learn how easy it is to help with any of the required volunteer roles.

Alberta Orienteering Association (AOA) Volunteer Information, Volunteer Waivers, and Safety Guidelines - please submit a waiver and learn about the volunteer requirements

Site Safety Checklist.docx

2018 FWOC Foothills Orienteering Membership and Waiver.pdf - for organizers to print if they run out (updated in 2018).

Download Condes 10 Course Setting Software - download the trial version and/or contact [email protected] to request a license for the full version.

Course Planning in Condes 10 Instruction Manual by Kim Kaperski and Adrian Zissos (updated Jan 2020)

FWOC's RouteGadget2 Manager Login Page:

How to Synchronize SI Controls using Master Control (and other SI documentation)

Regular Event (e.g., Wednesday Night) Equipment:

  • 45 BSF8 SI controls (numbered 31-75) + Start, Clear, Check and Finish units + BSM7-D USB Download unit + one BSF8 SI time master/check control + black sync coupler stick + purple service/off stick
  • laptop with MeOS (event timing and results software) + SportIdent USB drivers
  • Battery-powered SI 57mm wide Thermal Splits Printer (for SI split times without results from Meos)
  • Optional: AC-powered EPSON TM-T88V 80mm wide Thermal USB Splits Receipt Printer (for SI split times with results, pace, and time lost per control from Meos)
  • Optional: AIMTOM Portable Power Station – 26800mAh/97Wh Travel Power Bank with 3 AC outlet adapter (a portable power supply for printer, laptop, etc.).
  • 2 Tupperware bins with compasses, whistles, first aid, cash box, etc.
  • folder for maps and registration paperwork
  • control stands and flags
  • banners, tents, tables and chairs
  • 21 Blue SportIdent SI8 Finger Sticks: SI#2008536-2008556,2008560; 30 Yellow SI9 Finger Sticks: SI#1427341-1427370; one Blue SI6 Finger Stick SI#887065; 4 red SI9; 2 red SI8s; SOGO has additional sticks. (SI8 sticks can store up to 30 regular controls; SI9s up to 50 controls; SI6 up to 64 controls)
  • Optional: club Android smartphone (GPS and cellular voice/data-enabled) and 7" Amazon Fire Android tablet (wifi-only; no GPS or data service)
  • Optional: an additional SI training kit may be available with 25 controls (5 numbers overlap Wed kit) (numbered 71-90, 116-120) + ST, CH, CL, FIN, RDO, Purple Off Key
  • Optional: other equipment is available (see Club Equipment List)

SI Controls Inventory:

  • see FWOC SI Unit Inventory spreadsheet for more details
  • Tim M has all kits as of March 2021
  • Wed Night Kit: Units 31-75 (45 controls) + Start, Clear, Check and Finish units + BSM7-D USB Download unit + one BSF8 SI time master/check control + black sync coupler stick + purple service/off stick + SI Splits Printer kit + Epson splits/receipt printer with AIMTOM battery pack
  • Training Kit: Units 71-90, 116-120 (25 controls, note 5 numbers overlap Wed kit) + ST, CH, CL, FIN, RDO, Purple Off Key
  • [email protected] Kit #1: Units 91-115 (25 controls); 2 sets of start, clear, finish; 2 printer kits; 1 purple key
  • SOGO Access Kit: 140-142, 144-149 (9 controls missing #143) also missing: St, Fin and Master (set as clear) + Mini Reader 10(?)
  • SOGO L1/L2 Kit: units 150-190, 200-208 (50 controls), 2 sets of start, clear, finish; 1 printer; 1 purple Service Off Key
  • [email protected] Kit #2: Units #215-239 (25 controls) + 2 sets S,F,CL; SI Splits Printer; purple service off key
  • Gebe Splits Printer kit (only use Gebe printer paper special ordered from Germany otherwise it is blurry)
  • Spares at 19Apr2021: Start#2 Clear#3 Finish#3 Master#6 Master#5 USBDownload USBDownload Start#11 Finish#11 Clear#11 Start#7 Clear#7 Finish#7 #43