How to organize a Wednesday Night event (from 2013 and many parts outdated, but a good overview for newbies - or just ask someone)

Managing an Orienteering Event with Mixed (SI Air and traditional) Punching (good overview of handling SI Air and SIACs at regular events)

Contactless Punching with SIAC Sticks (SI# 8xxxxxx) Printable Instructions/Signs for participants at regular FWOC events (not events with scheduled individual start times)

Sportident's SI User Guide Online (extremely/overly? detailed guide to all things SI)

Instructions for Setting up MEOS to Print Splits and Results Automatically at an Event (for use with AC-powered Epson printer with wider paper rolls prints out current rank, time lost, etc)

How to use SI Splits Printer (the standalone kits that just print out split times on narrow paper rolls from a SI finger stick but that don't print out pace, time lost at a control, etc.).

Wednesday Volunteer Job Descriptions - learn how easy it is to help with any of the required volunteer roles.

Alberta Orienteering Association (AOA) Volunteer Information, Volunteer Waivers, and Safety Guidelines - please submit a waiver and learn about the volunteer requirements

Site Safety Checklist.docx

2018 FWOC Foothills Orienteering Membership and Waiver.pdf - note the waiver is out of date.

OpenOrienteeringMap website for creating rough neighbourhood training/TNT maps based on OpenTopoMaps. press Ctrl- to zoom out if your screen is too small to display the buttons and unless it's a Score-O, select "Linear Course" after clicking the "Rendering Options" button and select the GLO-30 5m button to add contours and connecting lines when the PDF is generated.

Download Condes 10 Course Setting Software - download the trial version and/or contact [email protected] to request a license for the full version.

Course Planning in Condes 10 Instruction Manual by Kim Kaperski and Adrian Zissos (updated Jan 2020)

FWOC's RouteGadget2 Manager Login Page: (unmaintained; we normally use and sometimes Livelox)

How to Synchronize SI Controls using Time Master Control (and other SI documentation)

Regular Event (e.g., Wednesday Night) Equipment:

  • 45 BSF8 SI controls (numbered 31-75) + Start, Clear, Check and Finish units + BSM7-D USB Download unit + one BSF8 SI time master/check control + black sync coupler stick + purple service/off stick
  • laptop with MeOS (event timing and results software) + SportIdent USB drivers
  • Battery-powered SI 57mm wide Thermal Splits Printer (for SI split times without results from Meos)
  • Optional: AC-powered EPSON TM-T88V 80mm wide Thermal USB Splits Receipt Printer (for SI split times with results, pace, and time lost per control from Meos). Power consumption is <50W.
  • Optional: AIMTOM Portable Power Station – 26800mAh/97Wh Travel Power Bank with 3 AC outlet adapter (a portable power supply for printer, laptop, etc.).
  • 2 Tupperware bins with compasses, whistles, first aid, cash box, etc.
  • folder for maps and registration paperwork
  • control stands and flags
  • banners, tents, tables and chairs
  • 25 Red SportIdent SIAC Finger Sticks SI#8495001-8495025; 25 Orange SIAC Finger Sticks: SI# 8495026-8495050; 30 Yellow SI9 Finger Sticks: SI#1427341-1427370; 21 Blue SI8 Finger Sticks: SI#2008536-2008556,2008560; 4 red SI9; 2 red SI8s; one Blue SI6 Finger Stick SI#887065; SOGO has additional sticks. (SIACs hold up to 128 controls and require battery servicing every 100 events or so; SI9 sticks hold up to 50 controls; SI8 sticks up to 30 regular controls; SI6 up to 64 controls)
  • SIAC batteries should last about 3 years or 100 races. If voltage falls below 2.72V the battery check control will display a warning and battery should be replaced after the event.
  • Optional: club Android smartphone (GPS and cellular voice/data-enabled) and 7" Amazon Fire Android tablet (wifi-only; no GPS or data but can use phone Wifi Hotspot)
  • Optional: an additional SI training kit may be available with 25 controls (5 numbers overlap Wed kit) see below for kit details.
  • Optional: other equipment is available (see Club Equipment List (2016))

SI Controls Inventory:

  • see FWOC SI Unit Inventory spreadsheet for more details
  • Vital M has the kits as of September 2022
  • All our kits total 45+25+25+50+9+25=179 Controls numbered 31-120,150-208, 215-239, 71-75 (5 duplicates for Go controls)
  • Wed Night Kit: Units 31-75 (45 controls) + Start, Clear, Check and Finish units + BSM7-D USB Download Readout (RDO) + one BSF8 SI time master/check control + black sync coupler stick + purple service/off stick + Wed. SI Splits Printer kit + Epson splits/receipt printer with AIMTOM battery pack
  • Training Kit: Units 71-95 (25 controls, note 5 numbers overlap Wed kit) + ST, MA/CH, CL, FIN, USB Download RDO, Purple Off Key, magnet coupler
  • SOGO@School Kit #1: Units 96-120 (25 controls); 2 sets of start, clear, finish; 1 purple off key, magnet coupler, time master set as Clear #12
  • SOGO L1/L2 Kit: units 150-190, 200-208 (50 controls), 2 sets of start, clear, finish; 1 SI splits printer with AC charger and batteries; 1 Purple Service Off Key
  • SOGO Access Kit: 191-199 (9 controls) + ST, F, CL, Time Master (set as check #6), Purple Service Off Key, magnet coupler, USB mini-Download RDO
  • SOGO@School Kit #2: Units #215-239 (25 controls) + 2 sets S,F,CL; 1 Purple Service Off Key
  • Gebe Splits Printer kit (not reliable; also only use Gebe printer paper special ordered from Germany otherwise it is blurry)
  • 3 additional SOGO SI Splits printer kits (SOGO Access, SOGO@Schools1, SOGO@Schools2)
  • Spares at 27Sep2022: Start #2, Finish #3, Clear #1c, Start #11, Finish #11, Clear #7, Start #7, Finish # 7, BSM7 UART1 (USB), BSM7 UART1 (serial-USB adapter), 98, 213, SI Time Master 3 set at SIAC Battery Test