Organizer: Jeff Teutsch (Coach)

Map: Moose Creek

This is the ninth session in the Advanced Technical Training program.

Training Exercise / Focus: Score-o relay format - fun training event with no specific technical focus

Description of session: This will be a two person relay format where each team gets a score-o map and can choose how they want to divide up the controls between the teammates.

Relay format and rules:

When you arrive you will pair up with another person. As much as possible teams should consist of one SOGO athlete and one Advanced Orienteering Training athlete.

Each team of two will be given three score-o maps (one for each person and one blank as an extra to figure out your route). All three maps have the same 30 controls on them.

Each team must figure out their handicap based on the handicap table halfway down this page:

Calculate each team members personal handicap then add the two of them together.

This total handicap is the number of controls you do not need to visit. If you have a total handicap of 7 then you only need to plan to get 23 of the 30 controls. You can choose which controls to skip.

You and your teammate must alternate going out on the map (only one person can find controls at a time). Each time you go out you must find at least 3 controls and no more than 5 before coming back and tagging off to your team-mate. Each teammate must run at least three loops.

You will have 20 minutes to from getting the map to figure out how you want to divide up the controls and which controls you want to skip before we head to the start of the relay. 

Meeting point:  Park in the field at the entrance to the quarry off Sibbald Creek Trail (past both roads into Jumpingpound Demonstration Forest and the big left turn in the road as you go through the Demo Forest). We will meet in that same field.

Meet in the lookout parking lot at the far end of the Jumpingpound Demonstration Forest loop. We will walk down as a group to the start finish area of the relay. 

Additional Comments:

The session will consist of 15-20 minutes of instruction at 10:30 prior to sending participants out onto the course for the training exercise. After the exercise, the coach will touch base with as many participants as possible to see how it went and provide them with specific comments and feedback based on their comments.

Anyone that wants to do a warm-up before the main exercise should arrive early and do their warm-up before 10:30.

The Advanced Technical Training program is a 10-week series consisting of 5 training sessions, 2 courses (treat as a race or a training session), the Alberta Champs near Edmonton, the AOA training camp near Sundre, and culminating with a ‘B-Meet’ or local event in Fish Creek Park.

If you are not signed up for the entire 10-week program please register on this page to get a map.

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