Map: Fish Creek - Shannon Terrace

We are meeting in the furthest West part of Fish Creek Park this week. Follow Woodpath Road all the way through the the last parking area. Registration will be immediately south-east of the parking.

Bob (with tons of support from Teresa) as planned some super fun courses for all levels of experience.

Bring your sense of adventure. Course 3 and 4 participants should bring a dry pair of socks and shoes as there will be opportunities to get wet feet - hint hint. There are also some steeper sections so shoes with good grip/tread are advised.

Volunteers Wanted: (please email if you can help)

Registration: one or two people to help with registration from 6pm to 6:30ish.

Control Pickup: the more the merrier (and the earlier we can all get home)

See you on Wednesday!

PS: Teresa has been a fabulous mentor and without her assistance I would not have been able co-organize this event

Thank you very much for your time and expertise.


Course Registration

Course 1

Beginner - all controls on trails, controls at all decision points

Distance: 1600m
Climb: 10m

Course 2

Novice - all controls on or very close to trails

Distance: 2600m
Climb: 30m

Course 3

Short Advanced

Distance: 3600m
Climb: 70m

Course 4

Long Advanced

Distance: 5700m
Climb: 90m

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