Organizers: Clarence Kort (Event Director), David Roberts (Coach), Damian Konotopetz (Organizer)

Map: Prince's Island

9th Event Fall Sprint Series

Series information

We have decided to relocate the orienteering race for this weekend to a combined map of Princess Island and Crescent Heights.The Bears and Cougars will just will not stay away. David and Clarence are already at work combining the maps and creating "Rad" courses.

All courses will have timed controls.

Maps will be uploaded to Route Gadget afterwards, so be sure to bring your GPS device if you have one!

Please register ASAP as maps will be printed on the Friday before the race.


$10.00/map/ event regular

$5.00/map/event under 20

Free for SOGO Level 3 participants

Starts from 10am to 11:30am

Courses close at 12pm

All participants are required to volunteer for at least one race each for registration, timing, and control pick up. Click below to volunteer. If you volunteer, you still can race guaranteed. Thank you for your support.

Sunday Fall Sprint Series Volunteer

All participants must have a FWOC club membership Get it online for $15.00 before the event and your first event map is included. Membership will expire at end of 2017 Fall Sprint Series.



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