Organizer: David Roberts (Course Planner)

Map: University of Calgary

Campus Race Series #3 - University of Calgary

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This NEW SPRINT series will consist of 3 races locally on campuses in Calgary. These are all-weather venues.

This series will track race results for all Campus Race Series participants. Your top two Campus events will be used to determine overall results. Results will be handicapped so everyone has an opportunity to win.


Dates and Maps:

Precise meeting locations will be posted on the event sites at least a few days prior to the event.

Fee options:

A) $10.00/map and handicapped results tracking
B) $25.00 for all three race


Course Registration


Easier navigation with less route choice. One minor on-campus road crossing (crosswalk).

Distance: 1600m

Charlie Rault


More challenging navigation with copious route choice. :) Many on-campus road crossings required.

Distance: 3500m

Dawn Rault

Control Hangning

2 volunteers needed.

Control Pickup

2 volunteers needed.

Dawn Rault


3 volunteers needed.

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