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Organizer: David Roberts (Course Planner)

Map: University of Calgary

Campus Race Series #3 - University of Calgary

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Handicapped Reverse-Pursuit Race Results:

  1. Marsha F
  2. Gavan W
  3. Ben W
  4. Teresa W
  5. Jay R
  6. Tim M
  7. Jonathan W
  8. Don B
  9. Marion O
  10. Clarence K
  11. Ewan W
  12. Andrew M

This NEW SPRINT series will consist of 3 races locally on campuses in Calgary. These are all-weather venues.

This series will track race results for all Campus Race Series participants. Your top two Campus events will be used to determine overall results. Results will be handicapped so everyone has an opportunity to win.

The UofC event will feature the exciting and fun Handicapped Pursuit race!

We are calculated time handicaps for any racers who competed in the MRU or SAIT races this spring or last fall. The idea is that the faster you have run at those events, the longer you have to wait before you start, so you will always have faster runners chasing you from behind. Results are simply the finish order, so plan to perform better than your average! The first starter in the Handicapped Pursuit will start at 11:30am. If you would rather just run the course, you can start anytime after 11am.


  • Sunday morning:
    • First start @ 11:00 AM
    • Handicapped Pursuit Start begins @ 11:30am
    • Course closes @ 1:00 PM

All participants must be members of FWOC for 2019 (online membership registration).

Dates and Maps:

Location and Parking:

Registration and sign-on will take place at the northern Starbucks on UofC campus, in Collegiate Hall, 250 Collegiate Blvd. NW. Google Map. The Start/Finish is directly across Campus Blvd. beside the Olympic torch, under the giant red paper clip sculpture thing (or whatever it is).

The closest parking is on campus in Lot 11 or next closest in Lot 10 (both $8 per day, 7 days per week). You can find the UofC parking map here. There is free parking available on Sundays just north of campus in Research Park. The closest parking here is along 33 St NW, just north of 32 Ave NW. Google Map. The walk to the start from the free street parking takes about 5 minutes.

Fee options:

A) $10.00/map and handicapped results tracking
B) $5.00/map for juniors
C) $25.00 for all three race

PLEASE HELP US OUT by volunteering to help with the event (sign up on the right).
We still need a couple people to help with Registration.



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