As the COVID-19 situation evolves and following the lead of Orienteering Canada and Alberta Orienteering Association (AOA), we support a progressive return to orienteering.

At this time, our insurance, regulatory, and safety requirements are than anyone attending our events (including participants, volunteers, and spectators) must complete the following steps:

  1. All attendees must either be: i) a member of Foothills Orienteering Club for the current year (including SOGO members); ii) a member of an affiliated Orienteering Canada club; or iii) a volunteer or employee only if carrying out their assigned duties. Volunteers must complete an AOA volunteer waiver. You can purchase your membership from the link on the homepage.
  2. All participants must have completed the annual online participation waiver, which is done when registering for your Foothills Orienteering membership. If you have a membership from another Club or are an Honorary Lifetime membership, you must submit a standalone annual online waiver.
  3. All attendees of FWOC Events (including participants, volunteers, and spectators) must complete an Individual Declaration of Health on EVERY event day. To help keep us organized, please submit an Individual Declaration of Health online as early as possible on the day of each event but continue to monitor your health. Each Individual Declaration is only valid during the day it was submitted. We will have a limited number of paper Health Declaration forms available at the event, but we prefer online forms (even if submitted at the event). Please bring your form submission confirmation email (on your phone or paper) with you to speed up the verification process.
  4. All participants must pre-register on the specific event page following the instructions on the event page (unless the specific event does not require pre-registration).
  5. Read and follow the guidelines for participation in Foothills Orienteering Club Events during pandemic. Important points in these guidelines include:
    • If you have any cold, fever, flu, or COVID-19 symptoms stay home.
    • If you have recently had close contact with someone with COVID-19, stay home.
    • Practice physical and social distancing including 2m separation from people not within your family or cohort.
    • You must submit a new Individual Declaration of Health document EVERY TIME you come to an orienteering activity.
    • Bring your own supplies including water as none will be provided.
    • Consider wearing a mask when not out on course.
    • Eliminate contact with communal surfaces at the start and finish areas.
    • Do not touch orienteering flags or ribbons.
    • If using a SI finger stick, place it carefully without touching the unit.
    • Please be sure to follow basic personal hygiene rules and wash/sanitize your hands before and after being on a course.
    • Follow the event organizer’s event specific rules and measures to reduce the risk of contacting or spreading Covid19.

Additional Information for Event Organizers:

As of July 1, 2021, Alberta does not have any specific health regulations except if you have symptoms or have been exposed to Covid-19. However, our insurance and Orienteering Canada requirements are for each event, the following items must be recorded and kept for a minimum of 5 years:

  • location, date, and time of event (on paper or on website)
  • names of officials and volunteers at the event (on paper or on website)
  • names, start and finish records of all participants (paper or MeOS file)
  • all completed Declarations of Health forms (paper or online)

First Aid should be given if anyone requires it. First aiders should always follow guidelines to use proper personal protective first aid procedures as per their training and protect themselves first using gloves and facemask (a disposable CPR mask is also in a pouch clipped to the Wed night first aid kit).

The Wed night kit should be stocked with disposable gloves, masks, spray sanitizer, individually packaged sanitizing wipes, paper towel, and garbage bags. Please monitor the supply and let Janet A know if anything needs to be purchased. The kit includes pin flags which can be used to denote 2m spacing for any lineups at the start control.

Here are two simple printable 2m distancing and hand hygiene reminder signs.

Here is a QR Code that links to the FWOC Online Individual Declaration of Health Form:

Remember that you must submit a new Individual Declaration of Health form EVERY TIME you come to an orienteering activity by using this link or the QR code link or the paper form.