Yes, you can orienteer on your own or with family in your neighbourhood or a park near you!

Important Safety Precautions: You are responsible for assessing risks and managing your safety. Ensure that you are properly trained and aware of the risks before embarking on any unsupervised orienteering activity. Always carry a whistle, a communication device, go with a "buddy" but keep physically distancing, and obey all government and local regulations. Note that any maps on our site may be out-of-date and may not have been recently field-checked. New hazards may exist that are not shown on the map. If you have any concerns about the safety of an area, please let us know and do not go out on the course or map.

Activity #1 - Neighbourhood Map and Course

Create a (pseudo) orienteering map and course in your neighbourhood! Neighbourhood Map & Course Creation 2021.pdf Note: You can choose to create a course for a friend in his or her neighborhood and exchange maps to make it more challenging! 2022 Update: Use this link to go to the improved OpenOrienteeringMap website which has additional features such as automatically rotating the map to magnetic north and adding 5 m contour lines (select the GLO-30 5m contours button) when the PDF is generated. Tip: if using a small screen, you might have to zoom out in your browser (Ctrl-) to have all the buttons display. Also, to add lines between the controls for a regular point-to-point course, select "Linear Course" after clicking the "Rendering Options" button. To add a small Foothills Orienteering logo to the PDF, select "Foothills" as the club.

Activity #2 - Contour Identification

Colour the "contours only" map to increase your understanding of contours. Detailed information is attached: Contours There are two maps to choose from: 2020 Sandy McNabb contours.pdf or Moose Creek contours only.pdf

Learn about MapRun and GPS Orienteering

MapRun is a GPS orienteering app for iPhone and Android phones. See our detailed instructions on installing and using Maprun at

Older resources include the Scottish Orienteering Association's videos on MapRunF Basic Functions, Creating KMZ Map Files, and Creating KML Course Files