Organizers: David Roberts (Event Director), Mardy Roberts (Host)

Map: MRU Currie

This is a two-person sprint relay. Teams will be made on-site just prior to the event start and will consist of one veteran/speedy orienteer (The Hares) and one novice/non-running orienteer (The Bunnies). Participants will be required to collect Easter eggs while out on course, so bring your favourite delightful Easter basket...or maybe just a decorated Ziploc baggie. Remember, you'll have to carry it on course, so plan appropriately.

Technical difficulty for all loops is novice/intermediate. Each team member will complete two loops, returning to the start/finish after each loop to tag to their teammate. Bunny courses will be a maximum of 1km while Hare loops will be closer to 2km each. Neither Bunny nor Hare loops cross any roads with vehicle traffic.

We will have a mass start of one member from each team. Winners will be declared as the first team finished all four legs with the appropriate number of Easter eggs in their basket (so don't drop or eat any during the race!).

Courses will be typical sprint orienteering courses consisting of short grass, paved walkways, stairs, etc. Inclement weather notwithstanding, the terrain is all dry and fast. We advise normal running shoes or light trail runners, definitely not spikes.

All participants should come prepared to eat some Easter candy (yes, as part of the race). If you have any dietary aversions to such things, please bring along some other appropriately gross snack that you wouldn't want to eat in the middle of an orienteering race (hard-boiled Easter eggs, anyone?). This is not optional. :)

Sunday, April 16th (Easter Sunday)

  • 09:45 - Registration opens
  • 10:15 - Registration closes / Teams assigned
  • 10:30 - MASS START!
  • Courses close when all teams are finished (max 1 hour).
  • Awards 2 minutes later.

Location: Mount Royal University ( Start/finish will be located just west of Lot #5 (note that this is a gated lot and not open to public parking). The closest public lot to the start/finish is Lot #4. Parking is FREE on Easter Sunday! You can access the parking map at MRU here.

Registration: Please sign up on the right (before Friday, if possible) so we know how many maps to print. Official registration will be on-site starting at 9:45am and closing at 10:15am. You must be registered on time to get onto a relay team!

Cost: $5.00 (including map, Easter treats, and prizes!), to be paid onsite in the morning.

For insurance, you must be a member of either the FWOC or AOA to participate. SOGO kids are all automatically members but parents will have to purchase a club membership to participate. FWOC memberships are only $15 for the year when purchased online.


Course Maps

Bunny A

Bunny B

Hare A

Hare B


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