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Intermediate Short

Intermediate Long

Organizer: David Roberts (Event Director)

Map: West Confederation Park (formerly Calgary Canmore Park)


Canmore Park is a clean and mostly manicured park just west of Confederation Golf Course. This sprint map features fast running among many individual trees, small copses, and special features, though there are some interesting forested areas to play in as well. The entire park is on a not-so-insignificant hillside, so expect some topography too. The Novice course will stick to the park area around the start/finish, while the Intermediate courses will also venture farther out into the surrounding neighbourhood streets and alleys. The Corridor Training will be a special training map within the park, on which only a narrow route between controls will be visible, forcing runners to carefully follow a narrow route by identifying individual features. Runners may complete just the training on its own or after running a regular course, but must be back at the finish before course closing.

There is limited parking in the main parking lot (north side of the park) and will likely be busy with other park users. There is ample parking along Chicoutimi Drive NW, the road adjacent to the park.


Runners may start anytime after 6:30pm. All runners must return to the finish by course closing at 8:00pm. Controls will be picked up immediately after course closing.


There will be three traditional point-to-point courses on offer, as well as one training course:

  1. Novice (~1.5 km, easiest navigation, minimal route choice, stays in the main park area around the start/finish, no road crossings, good for first-timers and kids)
  2. Intermediate Short (~3.5 km, More challenging navigation, extensive route choice, uses the neighbouring streets and alleys)
  3. Intermediate Long (~5.0 km, more challenging navigation, extensive route choice, some longer legs, uses the neighbouring streets and alleys)
  4. Corridor Training (~ 2.5 km, a challenging training exercise)


All participants must have a 2019 FWOC Membership.


  • $5.00/map
  • A Season Pass: $55 (all 16 Wednesday night events)
  • SOGO Spring 2019 or Fall 2018 participants are free!

Please Volunteer!

No experience needed. Please sign up (on the right) to help with registration, timing, or control pick up. We will make sure you have a chance to race as well. Thank You!

  • Registration (2 people required, 6:00-7:30pm, help welcome and sign people on, hand out maps, take money)
  • Control Pickup (2 people required, 8:00-8:30pm, help collect controls after course closing)

Please sign up for courses and/or volunteering on this page as early as possible so we know how many maps to print. We will have a few extras for people who don't sign up beforehand.



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