Organizer: Tim McLaren (Course Planner)

Map: Carburn Park

We've created two super fun self-led courses with lots of twists and turns in beautiful and challenging Carburn Park. The water levels are up so expect intermittent marshes to be flooded. You can hop on some logs to cross small streams, but it's much safer to go a few metres out of your way to get around any flooded areas. Also there are many small holes in some of the rough grass areas. And watch out for deer and ducklings!

The control locations have been marked with orange ribbon and will be removed after the end time above. Please time yourself and upload your results using the instructions in the members-only site below so that we can assess demand for these types of activities.

Important Safety Precautions: This is an unsupervised activity. You are responsible for assessing risks and managing your safety. Ensure that you are properly trained and aware of the risks before embarking on any unsupervised orienteering activity. Always carry a whistle, a communication device, go with a "buddy", and obey all government and local health and safety regulations.

Please be courteous to other park users and respect the 2m distancing requirements.

Please do not touch or move any controls or flags, even if they are in the wrong location or missing. Instead, inform the course planner when you return. Note that some control markers may go missing. We will collect them after this unsupervised event ends.

Due to insurance and Orienteering Canada requirements, anyone participating must be a member of Foothills Orienteering and must have signed the online waiver (this is separate from the online registration agreements). This includes family members (youth memberships are very reasonable!). Note: SOGO program registrations include a Foothills Orienteering Club membership for the current year for the SOGO youth registered (or the adult and youth if registered for a parented program).

Two courses are available: a Long (5.5+ km) course and a shorter Forest Sprint (3+ km). Both will challenge all skill levels. If you are new, don't get frustrated if you can't find a control or get lost in the confusing trails, it's a small area and you will "pop out" of the woods soon enough. Feel free to skip a control if you need to - no one will know!

GPS and/or Printable PDF maps are available in the "Other Courses" section of our password protected site You can request access to the members-only site by following these instructions.

Once you have completed a course, please log in to the members-only site and submit your finish times so that we can get feedback on the course and decide whether there is sufficient interest in future self-led courses. GPS Orienteering app users can also upload their split times in the app. You can check submitted course times here.



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