Organizer: Marsha Fehr (Course Planner)

Map: University of Calgary

Two sprint courses are available: 1.4 km and 2.8 km. As with all courses, the distance is as the crow flies; the longer course might actually be 3800m depending on your route choices. The map is a 2005 ISSOM sprint standard. Course 1 ended up being just under 2 km.

As with all GPS courses, there is some difference between phones with respect to the accuracy of the controls. For me, (with a Samsung 9) on C1 control #s 2, 6, and 10 were a little more off the feature than expected. Control #8 on C4 is off the feature more than expected as well. The part of the map for C4 Long has been slightly revised: There is a new construction area which has been put on the map and a new passage way indicated by large pink brackets superimposed on the building that is now passable. Note: The map on MapRunF does not show the construction area or new passageway; it is, however, on the pdf. Time to beat on C4 is 21:44!

The nearest parking to the finish is Lot 16; you can walk through the entrance to the Oval to reach the start on the south side of the building. Only one door on the north side of the Oval entrance was open (unlocked), so try them all. You may have to walk around the Oval; an orienteer on July 9 found all the doors locked:(

PDF maps and the PIN are on the members-only page.

If you need help getting a printed map, please let me (Marsha, [email protected]) know.


The control locations have NOT been flagged or marked on the campus. Please time yourself and let us know you've completed a course using the instructions in the members-only site so that we can gather feedback and assess demand for these types of activities.

If you have a smartphone, you can have it record your track and "beep" when you get to a control using the free MapRunF GPS app. A GPS version of each course is now available on the members-only site at the link below. Note that you will need to download the free MapRunF app (iPhone or Android), download the course(s), and enter the PIN code for each course prior to starting the course in the MapRunF GPS app. Full instructions are on the members-only site above.

Important Safety Precautions: This is an unsupervised activity. You are responsible for assessing risks and managing your safety. Ensure that you are properly trained and aware of the risks before embarking on any unsupervised orienteering activity. Always carry a whistle, a communication device, go with a "buddy", and obey all government and local health and safety regulations.

Please be courteous to other park users and respect all health and safety regulations including the 2m distancing requirements. Do not go out on the course if you are feeling unwell or have recently been in close contact with others who are feeling unwell.

Due to insurance and Orienteering Canada requirements, anyone participating must be a member of Foothills Orienteering and must have signed the online waiver (this is separate from the online registration agreements). This includes family members (youth memberships are very reasonable!). Note: SOGO program registrations include a Foothills Orienteering Club membership for the current year for the SOGO youth registered (or the adult and youth if registered for a parented program).

Printable PDF maps and optional GPS instructions are available in the "Other Courses" section of our password protected site You can request access to the members-only site by following these instructions.

Once you have completed a course, please log in to the members-only site and let us know you have completed a course (finish time is optional) so that we can get feedback on the course and decide whether there is sufficient interest in future self-led courses. GPS users should also upload their split times in the app. You can check submitted course times here.



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